Corporate Virtual Events

We make fully-tailored and unique virtual events for event agencies and corporates.

A platform for virtual live events 


Let us take the stress out of creating your event online. We pride ourselves on on giving 1st class tech support for all of our customers.

Tailored to you

Every event is unique and we will help you create the perfect branding and user experience to meet your stakeholders goals.

Simple to use

Our platform is extremely intuitive to use for speakers and delegates and we handle all the data and content input for you. There is no need to be a technical wizard to create an event with us. 

Used by

Live Streaming

Live Video Production

Video is at the very heart of high-quality virtual events, corporate communications, and engaging users.

We have broadcast-quality streaming studios to produce your streaming video content and can work with any 3rd Party Supplier.

Intuitive and Beautiful

Branded Virtual Venue

Zero Learning Curve. Every great corporate event starts with a well designed and intuitive interface. Figuring out a website shouldn’t get in the way of engaging with your content, and we designed inconf.tv to be smooth and easy to use, while providing everything a successful event needs to succeed across every device.

Delegate info and data

Advanced Analytics

Whatever your business goals we know understanding who did what and when is key to proving value to Clients, sponsors and key stakeholders.

Inconf.tv provides you with the ability to see who did what and when on your event platform.

Engaging users

Surveys, Interaction, and Notifications

Interact with your audience: with inconf you can survey and talk to your users/delegates. Deliver:

  • Q&A
  • Polls
  • Surveys
  • Notifications
  • Lead Capture

Choose how you want to interact with remote users, whether through the live chat feature, or through more direct means such as popup surveys, or other custom actions.

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