Life After Live

What happens to your content after your event is finished?
Turn your live event into…

Marketing Material

Use your event as marketing content all year round. Get SEO benefits and a resource for inbound marketing.

Sales Collateral

Use your stream to get leads from your content even AFTER it’s over, and give your exhibitors even more value.

Inbound Content

Recorded Video Playback

Inconf allows you to record and ‘re-stream’ your event’s video content to users after the event is finished.

Video is the heart of high-quality inbound marketing and sales strategy, so why not fill the top of your marketing funnel by letting people visit and watch last years conference inside a branded microsite on your domain?

Engaging Interations

Take Questions

Conferences often have expo halls and other related content where teams and organisations can show their latest products and services to attendees to generate interest in what they are doing.

How to generate leads: When people watch your recorded video they can visit the expo stands and ask questions directly to you or the owners. Expo stands come with descriptions, downloadable assets, playable video and the ability to have 1:1 conversations with the exhibitor.

Presenter Info

Presenter Bios

People are important. Each presenter gets their own biography page where they can share documents, images, text and social media information.

How to generate leads: All of this material can be placed behind a paywall or made available in exchange for an email address to which you can market.

Lead Gen

Custom Integrations

Whatever your business goals, when you want to cross-sell or engage users you can do that with

  • Import your social media
  • Import ad units into your site
  • Add custom Code snippets
  • Integrate with CRM

However you choose to convert your visitors into leads or users, we have you covered.

Analytics and Data

Analytics and Data!

Data and analytics are important to show value. inconf provides detailed analytics and logs for all the information you might need.

  • Visitor numbers
  • Presentations views
  • Expo stand views
  • Minutes of video watched
  • Leads Generated

Whatever you want to track we can help.

Market Research

Surveys and Notifications

Interact with your audience: with inconf you can survey and talk to your users/delegates. Deliver:

  • Surveys
  • Notifications
  • Requests

Every customer can choose how they want to interact with remote users, whether through the live chat feature, or through more direct means such as popup surveys, or other custom actions.

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