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Our Story


Inconf was founded in 2017 by Edd King and Daniel Cave after a combined 30 years of experience working in the event tech industry and building apps.

Inconf was designed to fill a gap in the market generated by the increasing popularity of:

  • Live Streaming at conferences
  • The increasing trend in work from home
  • Sustainable events, and flight shaming
  • Increasingly global demand for events

We help agencies and brands deliver amazing experiences to enhance corporate communication, and help drive a positive culture of inclusiveness around events.

We focused on two areas:

1) Making the technology easy, and taking the stress of streaming and AV out of our customers hands.

2) Creating a secure and easy-to-navigate platform to host the live stream and engage users with relevant content to enhance the experience and give more context to the video content.

At the core of all events we included:

  • Intuitive scheduling and agenda
  • Supporting information for all presentations
  • Virtual exhibition stands
  • Downloadable assets
  • Presenter bios
  • Networking and live chat

Our Ethos

We celebrate and embrace remote attendance.

Rather than inviting users to pretend they are in a physical location, and forcing a substitute experience on them, Inconf celebrates the virtual event by accepting and embracing the idea of virtual being a unique experience completely different to physical events.

By embracing the remoteness attendee, Inconf has been able to create features designed to boost engagement with features that a real world delegate doesn’t have, such as searching for official presenter info, rewatching presentations, instant messaging other delegates, consuming related material, downloading related digital content and slides among others.

Of course there is no substitute for physically attending an event…… However, if you have to be remote, we believe that there is an opportunity to make that a ‘value add’ experience too. Check out some of our features and benefits to see what we mean.

We’re events people first, techies second.

Inconf doesn’t do “nine to five”; we know the events industry inside out, and we understand the importance of just ‘getting the job done’ regardless of the situation.

When you use Inconf you deal with people who:

  1. Know what they are doing
  2. Provide solutions not problems
  3. Reduce complexity, not add it
  4. Work on your schedule
  5. Care about your goals first, not technology

We’re NOT one size fits all.


The important thing to know about us is that while we provide software, our priority is always to get your content to your audience in the best possible format.

While our virtual events platform provides a framework to stream video and do remote attendance, every single job we do is different.

From helping clients stream multi-million dollar conferences and events, to building virtual press centres and digital expos, we focus on getting your content to your audience in the best way possible.

Leadership Team

The the team

Edd King – Founder, CEO

James Shepheard-Walwyn – CCO

Daniel Cave – Founder, CPO

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We’re a open and friendly team happy to help you find what you need. Events is a people business and we’re no exception.

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