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The Flexible Virtual Event Platform

We help you create a unique virtual or hybrid event with a digital venue and all the tech services you need.

Live Video Streaming

Video is the heart of high quality communications. We will help you create and broadcast your plenary, panel, and any other live streaming content you need to make your event.

Securely stream any video to users around the world, with no special apps to download, and no special setup required for your delegates.

Live Chat

Attending an event is better than watching a video. That's why we've added a chat feature alongside the video streaming, to allow attendees to chat you, and to each other, in a secure moderated environment.

Alongside 3D Virtual Expo Stands, Live Chat makes your remote attendees feel engaged, and gets them participating.

3D Virtual Expo Stands

Immersion is important: Conferences often have expo halls where teams, and organisations can show their latest products and services to attendees to generate interest in what they are doing. We believe this is something your remote attendees should benefit from too.

Expo stand's come with descriptions, downloadable assets, playable video and the ability to have 1:1 conversations with the exhibitor.

Presenter Bios

People are important. Each presenter gets their own biography page where they can share documents, images, text and social media information. They are also linked to their own Presentations within the platform, so your delegates and view all content by their chosen speaker.

Archive Mode

Keep your event online forever: Your event is only "live" for a matter of days. But what if you want to:

  • Experience it again
  • Share it with a wider audience
  • Refer back to it in the future

All events in Inconf are made available after the live event has past as an interactive archive. Great for new employees to watch the recorded video, and to include people who can't make it in person, or remotely on the day.

Analytics, and data!

Data and analytics are important to show value. inconf provides detailed analytics and logs for all the information you might need.

  • Visitor numbers
  • Conversation logs
  • Presentations and Expo stand views
  • Minutes of video watched
  • Leads Generated

Whatever you want to track we can help.

Surveys and Notifications

Interact with your audience: with inconf you can survey and talk to your users/delegates. Deliver:

  • Surveys
  • Notifications
  • Requests

Every customer can choose how they want to interact with remote users, whether through the live chat feature, or through more direct means such as popup surveys, or other custom actions.

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Beautifully simple

Give your viewers a beautifully simple way to join in any event, and feel like they are part of the action. Get a remote experience, without the gimmicks.


All-in-one platform and studio 

We can provide the studio to produce your remote live show AND the digital venue to share it with your audience, reducing risks, costs in the production chain.

No Browser Plugins Required

Remote attendance at its best

Video Streaming

Securely broadcast your event presentations to be viewed anywhere, all viewable in browser (no special plugins required).

You can also stream to your TV via AirPlay

Live Chat

Let all your delegates chat with instant messaging, emoji, picture messages, and groups.

Expo Stands

We provide virtual expo stands your delegates can browse and interact with. Perfect for Lead-gen or communicating information with downloadable assets.

Audience Analytics

Get inside information about delegate behaviour, presentation metrics, and chat logs.

Multi-language Live Subtitles

Add live subtitles and live translation overlays to make your event accessible in any language.

Sign Language

We can provide and/or accommodate picture in picture sign language, and content Translation.

Works with Social

You can host your live stream in AND on youtube, facebook, or any other platform at the same time for maximum reach.

Technical Crew

We provide technical crew for every event to handle all technical features, and support you running the remote side of your event.

Made by events people for events people was created by, and is operated by real events AV experts. Our service is designed to work specifically with the needs of agencies and event organisers alike.

Whether you just want to tweak a colour, or have your own custom 3D layout, we are here to help your vision come to life.

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Live Streaming With Chat

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Extend the value of your event by freezing it in time and delivering your content as recorded video.

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