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All the features you need to build your event and customise it to your needs

Live HD Video Streaming

Video is the heart of high quality communications, so when sharing your message with a remote audience, video is King.

First we make your agenda easy to understand and use, then Inconf allows you to securely stream any video to users around the world, with no apps to download and no special setup is required… just low latency  HD video playing on your users laptop, mobile or even cast to a TV screen.

Networking with Serendipity

Let delegates connect face to face in a secure, moderated environment.

Face to Face (Video) Networking

Chat roulette and/or delegate directory

Group Video Chat

Meet in groups for breakouts and topic based networking

Instant Text Messaging

Message each other 1:1, in groups or on a shared chat wall

Exhibitor and Sponsor Chat

Where delegates meet sponsors and exhibitors 1:1

3D Virtual Expo Hall and Stands

Immersion is important: Conferences often have expo halls where teams and organisations can show off their latest products to generate interest and leads. We believe this is something remote attendees should benefit from too.

Expo stands come with a host of options including:

  • 360 Degree 3D Interactive Booths
  • Lead-Gen forms
  • Downloadable assets
  • Video on demand
  • Chat widgets
  • ‘Book a Meeting’ buttons

Advanced Analytics, and data!

Data and analytics are important to show value. Inconf provides detailed analytics and logs for all the information you might need.

  • Who done what, when, and how?

Every event is different and we know that what’s important to you may different than whats important to someone else, so we allow you to tailor your analytics reports to what you need.

Whatever you want to track, we can help.

Presenter Bios

People are important. Each presenter gets their own biography page where they can share documents, images, text and social media information.

Custom Branded 2D/3D Foyers

Make users feel at home with a custom landing page that gives them a sense of event and familiarity.

  • Hotel receptions
  • Custom built spaces
  • Include event specific items and props

Poll, Survey, Quiz and Q&As

Engage and learn about your delegates with well timed and interesting interaction points.

  • Polls and survey
  • Quizes
  • Interactive Q&A

Workshops, Roundtables and Breakouts

Give delegates and sponsors learning and engagement opportunities in smaller groups with more tailored content delivered live alongside course material. 

  • Live workshops with a host (think like an in-platform webinar)
  • Pre-recorded video workshops
  • Semi-live workshops with recorded video and interactive hosts
  • Split these any user type

Product and Informational Pages

Sometimes you just need a page with relevant information for your audience to see. With inconf you can have exactly what you need.

  • Product pages
  • Team and player pages
  • Sponsor pages
  • Future event pages

Social Media Integration

Is your event going to make a splash on social media? Help bring that content into your event and encourage users to share with a social wall dedicated purely to your event.

A social wall brings in all the mentions of your event and all the photo and video shares on social media into a central page, moderated and curated by you or automatically by AI.

Calendar Assistant to Book Meetings

Make it easy for your delegates to book time with exhibitors, speakers, and each other.

  • Calnedly integration as standard

Allowing people to book meetings later let’s them focus their attention on the live content now.

Push Notifications

Keep everyone up-to-date by sending messages to all users at once.

  • “Keynote starting in 10 minutes”
  • “Visit Acme Co’s exhibition stand for a widget demo at 2pm”
  • “Thanks to our headline sponsors, Acme Co.”

Document Library

Store and distribute key documents and assets to your delegates in an easy-to-use document area. We make it easy to share:

  • Written reports
  • Technical manuals
  • Press releases
  • Academic papers

Video Library and Academies

Educate and enrich your user experience with educational and informational video grids. We make it easy to share:

  • How-to videos
  • Sales enablement content
  • Wellness videos
  • Online courses
  • Onboarding collateral 
  • Video and media clips

Translation and Sub-Titles

Inclusive, global, and accessible virtual and hybrid events can use our live closed captions and translation services.

  • Include those who can’t hear or don’t have audio access
  • Include delegates from around the world in their native language

    Jumping-off Points

    Give your delegates links to your other channels and activities such as Zoom calls, after party activities, and any other place you want them to be.

    • Zoom calls
    • External webinars
    • Other online activities
    • Registration for other events


      Game your event fun to take part in, and increase engagement time by giving delegates mini-games within your event. 

      • Literal games like Tetris and Space Invaders
      • ‘Share to win’ style games
      • Pub quiz style games
      • Clue hunts

        Archive Mode

        Keep your event online forever. Your event is only “live” for a matter of hours or days. But what if you want to:

        • Experience it again
        • Share it with a wider audience
        • Refer back to it in the future?

        All events in Inconf are made available after the live event as an interactive archive. Great for new employees to watch the recorded video and to include people who can’t join on the day.

        Something Missing?

        Don’t see the feature you just can’t live without? Don’t worry we can make custom features too. 

        Where other platforms are rigid, Inconf is flexible enough to adapt to your needs. We work with every client to build the virtual event that reflects their unique brand and goals.


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