You’ve done the hard work. You’ve booked speakers, organised content, sorted the venue and got your camera crew in place… your months of blood sweat and tears have paid off and your event is LIVE!

But what if you’re falling at the last hurdle, and missing out on the big pay off for all your hard work?

Just publishing your live stream to facebook, youtube, twitch and the other social channels is easy. We get it. You can simply plug it in, and at the end of the event, you get some numbers you can report to the boss, and put in your event reporting.

However; The truth is, if you’re streaming directly into social media you are potentially wasting £100,000’s of value in missed opportunities. Here is why:

You have no real way to turn viewers into customers

Every viewer of your live stream is a potential customer, partner or lead for your business, and whats better they are engaged in your marketing, watching your brands content… but you have very few ways to convert that Attention, Interest and Desire into Action.

Some of the best ways to convert people watching on social include:

  1. Links in description
  3. Popup ads and links
  4. Asking your viewers to contact your page
  5. putting graphics overlays on your video with CTAs

None of these methods are particularly great, they all require the user to do work, and they are all somewhat clunky. They all rely on the viewer being sufficiently motivate to take action without any real value exchange occurring, its a one way street with you hoping they will do something.

A better way to convert viewers into customers

In three words: Engagement, Interaction, and Opportunity.

Engage your customers with more than a video, get them to interact with the content, you, and the each other, and present them with opportunities to buy from you, or to become a lead for your company.


Is your event more than a presentation on a stage? Most events have at least 3 of the 4 elements:

  • Networking
  • Expo
  • Presentations
  • Talk Participation

You live stream can incorporate these too. lets your remote attendees users:


Live chat, and email system lets users, sponsors and speakers all talk to each other via instant messaging or email.

Imagine the VP of Entperise Business Development for a global company watching your stream: Would it be more appealing for them to be able to start a conversation with your speakers, attendees and expo stand holders. Do you think they would feel more engaged and likely to take part? The answer is yes.

[Live stream image]

Expos and Sponsors

An integral part of many live events is the Expo and sponsor stands. Traditionally with a live stream the best case scenario is the sponsor logo is shown to the audience, the worst case is that the sponsor’s message is totally lost, and the exhibitors get zero value from your stream. fixes this too.

[Expo stand overview image]

People watching your content on can visit all of your sponsors and exhibitors stands to find demonstrations, and to start a chat with the exhibitors.

[Expo stand image]


The presentations at a conference make up the majority of a typical live stream, and they present an excellent opportunity to convert users into leads if you use the tools available.

inconf lets you engage presentation viewers by offering them downloads of the presentation decks which you can track, as well as ways to engage users in Q&A and panel discussions.

The perfect prospect in inconf looks like this:

They watch the presentation and:

  • Download the slides for the presentation (lead gen opportunity)
  • Email and IM the speaker (lead gen for the speaker and you)
  • They read related content linked from the presentation and visit the links
  • They submit a question to the Q&A or panel
  • They complete a survey you want them to fill out
  • They fill out a form to get more information about your products
  • They answer an instant message from one of your sales team.
  • They join in a group conversation about the content being presented

To sum up “how to maximise ROI from live streaming”

Obviously, we are biased at, because we see a huge opportunity being missed and we’ve built an event app specifically to house your live stream in a way that is better for you and your viewer. However, we ask;

  • What would be the impact if you could convert 1% of your live stream viewers into customers?
  • What would be the impact if you could reach every viewer as they are watching your content?
  • What would be the impact if you could keep your event live long after the day as VoD and use it as marketing collateral?

The last word is: If you want to make the most out of every viewer, you need to invest in a place to put your live stream that lets you convert those users, and gives them a better expereince… otherwise you’re just wasting money.