Scale up the experience with a 360 virtual venue

Host your virtual event in a bespoke 3D virtual venue that inspires and engages your audience.

Creative case study

Let a 3D venue be the home for all your virtual events

Our creative experts will work with you to craft a 3D virtual venue that immerses, inspires and engages your audience, taking them to a new level of remote participation.

Custom 3D design

Hotspots & 360 pivot points

Evergreen usage for future events

Experiential virtual venues we've built

fast forward


State of the art 3D venue and platform built to host Finning Cat’s Finrock 2021 global conference and future events. It has 5 rooms, 20 different 360 points and over 60 hotspots.


Finning CAT

A fully bespoke platform with English and Arabic versions built for up to 8,000 global participants. This experience provided multi-language live video and on-demand content, driving engagement and networking for this hybrid event based in Dubai Expo 2020.

tech lab


A full expo hall with over 20 unique 360 stands. Each with totems and hotspots, this virtual expo gives the attendee an experience with all the information and contact details at their fingertips.​

Additional solutions

Start with solid foundations

Our platform and broadcast solutions will help you build a professional event experience

Work with us to create your bespoke in-person, virtual or hybrid event platform that gives attendees all the benefits of a physical event and online experience.

Livestream and record your in-person, virtual and hybrid events with our professional broadcasting and video production experts.

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