360 Live Stream Cameras

Inconf offers a range of 360-degree live streaming options

Remote participants can join the stream from your event live in VR.

Utilizing a live streaming 360 degree camera, Inconf can produce a live stream from the venue in VR. We can mix between the live 360 view of the room, static graphics and pre-recorded 360 videos.

Pop a 360-degree camera in the front row of your event and your remote participants can get a real ‘in the room’ view… Put it back stage for a behind-the-scenes feed… Remote participants can scroll around the video using their mouse or trackpad, by moving their device around (if on tablet or mobile), or even put a VR headset on and join in VR. So many options for an engaging VR experience!

If you would like to elevate your hybrid event with 360-degree live streaming, email us at [email protected]

360-degree live stream camera

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