Connect inconf to your other tech with customer integrations

Connecting your digital experience with 3rd party apps like slido, analytics, CRM and anything else you might need


Interact with your audience live with Q&A, polls, and surveys.

Slido is one of the event industry's best-known tools for audience interaction, connecting your participants with your content.


Booking meetings can be a pain. Calendly makes it a joy.

Enable your delegates to book meetings with your speakers, expo owners, sponsors and staff.


Simultaneous translation for remote events. 

Give your attendees options to see and hear live-streamed content in multiple languages.


Zoom has become the go-to for webinars and online meetings.

We integrate with Zoom and other online meeting tools to provide a 'jumping-off point' for your delegates to join real-time meetings, and enjoy all the benefits of Zoom calls or webinars, such as breakout rooms and advanced controls.

Auto translated closed captions. 

Add translation to your closed captions using's AI based translation service. 

This is a great cost-effective way to localise your streams and to cater for a global audience.


Web-based video conferencing incorporated into the Inconf platform.

Start or join calls between delegates in a Zoom-like experience, situated within the browser, on your Inconf event site. 

Google Analytics

Track visitors and trends. 

We will integrate Google analytics for you or embed your own code.

We also offer options for custom events and dimensions. 

Live Blogging

The real-time engagement 

Add live chat and live blog to your event to generate leads, increase engagement, and boost revenue.

Custom Integrations

Whatever you need, we can build it.


As used by:

Remote attendance at its best

Video Streaming

Securely broadcast your event presentations to be viewed anywhere, all viewable in browser (no special Plug-ins required).

You can also stream to your TV via AirPlay.

Live Chat

Let all your delegates chat with instant messaging, emoji, picture messages, and groups.

Expo Stands

We provide virtual expo stands your delegates can browse and interact with. Perfect for Lead-gen or communicating information with downloadable assets.

Audience Analytics

Get inside information about delegate behaviour, presentation metrics, and chat logs.

Multi-language Live Subtitles

Add live subtitles and live translation overlays to make your event accessible in any language.

Sign Language

We can provide and/or accommodate picture in picture sign language, and content translation.

Works with Social

You can host your live stream in AND on Youtube, Facebook, or any other platform at the same time for maximum reach.

Technical Crew

We provide technical crew for every event to handle all technical features, and support you running the remote side of your event.

Made by events people for events people was created by, and is operated by real events AV experts. Our service is designed to work specifically with the needs of agencies and event organisers alike.

Whether you just want to tweak a colour, or have your own custom 3D layout, we are here to help your vision come to life.

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