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Want to offer NFTs to your event delegates? Keep it simple

If you’ve heard about NFTs but struggled to understand what they are or how you can incorporate them into your events, we get it. After all, what on earth is a “non-fungible cryptographic token that exists on the blockchain”?

Forget about the terminology and imagine you could offer your delegates a digital badge or token that acted as a record of event attendance. This badge would have visual appeal, something created by a talented designer to reflect the values of your event.

Free and easy

Importantly, it would be free for your delegates to claim, and straightforward too – they could start the process with just their email address. It would also be entirely optional. Your delegates could view their badge online or in a dedicated iOS or Android app (also free).

What’s more, this badge could become the start of a collection. Your delegates could add to it with badges from any future events you run or from hundreds of other events around the world. Each one would be a digital memento, a unique record of a moment in time.

This is a simple application of NFTs and something that we at Inconf can absolutely help you to deliver. We understand how to design, create and distribute the NFTs. More importantly, we understand how to incorporate them into virtual, in-person and hybrid events – AND explain it all to interested but less tech-savvy delegates.

Increasingly popular

It’s at this point we could start going into the technical details. We could say, for example, that we use a protocol called POAP (Proof of Attendance Protocol), which is getting massive adoption. And when we say massive, we’re talking Goldman Sachs, Vogue and Spotify – among 30,000 other organisations.

But we’d far rather chat to you in person about all of this. Drop us an email at [email protected] or book a meeting with our CEO, Edd King. We’re events people first, so we’ll speak your language.


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